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Still hands-on...but less contagious

New program delivery options now available!

At the heart of innovation is the ability to navigate change and disruption, and we've spent some of our time in COVID-isolation pivoting to adapt to this new world we find ourselves in. We've always worked online as well as in real life, but now we have even more delivery options for our programs:

Face-to-face: we're all in the same room together

Remote: we're all in seperate places (at home or work), connected by video call

Hybrid: Your team is all in the same room (socially distancing as necessary), but we facilitate remotely

We use a variety of remote facilitation platforms (and are learning new ones every day). And we can pivot quickly as the situation changes.

It's COVID-safe but it's also great for the innovation and problem-solving process. We don't just put our face-to-face offerings online and hope for the best – working remotely has given us a whole new set of tools and opportunities to maximise opportunities for innovation. We can't wait to share them with you!

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