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FourSight as a Tool for Strategic Planning

I recently had the chance to interview US advertising agency Hanson Dodge about their work with the FourSight Thinking Profile. Like many organisations, they started off seeing it as a useful team-building exercise but didn't see how it could be used on an ongoing basis in strategy. It was very interesting to hear how their scepticism shifted and FourSight became an integral part of their ongoing strategic planning, going on to have a transformative effect on the way they operate. It was also interesting to hear how the new process impacted both how they "felt" about meetings (which became more enjoyable and engaging) and on measurable outcomes, such as their capacity to meet their yearly and quarterly targets.

(Note: Hands-On were not the facilitators for this work but we use similar processes with our own clients.)

Read the full article here: Need a better strategy for strategic planning? FourSight to the rescue

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