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A shared language for innovation and problem-solving

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

“It was really important to have a common, shared language for thinking about creativity...We brought together the design team with the brand and marketing team with people in finance, HR and the supply chain people…all talking the same language.”

I'm fortunate to be part of a worldwide network of facilitators who use FourSight - a profile that helps people understand their personal preferences in the creative problem-solving as the first stage to creating consistently break-through results. I love working with my own clients using FourSight. But, as a writer, I also have the privilege of collecting stories from FourSight clients around the world who have worked with other facilitators, and hearing about how it has transformed their businesses.

Here is one I wrote about Estee Lauder in Sydney. My colleague Russ Schoen was the facilitator. I especially like the way it captures the power of a structured innovation process (with a professional facilitator) to bring many different individuals and units together to work towards a common goal. When innovation is just seen as the job of a select unit, such as design or R&D, lots of great ideas are lost. And, so often, different units are talking a different "language" and trying different processes for innovation. FourSight is a springboard into bringing everyone together on the same page, with a shared language and a shared process to tackle complex challenges.

Read the article here:

FourSight Proves Transformative for International Beauty Company


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