Hands-On Innovtion Consultancy fo Organisations


  • Solve difficult and complex problems in your workplace or industry

  • Respond to calls “to be more innovative”

  • Create new value propositions for your work

  • Build capacity for sustainable innovation

  • Rejuvenate your strategic planning 

  • Align your whole team to a common mission and values

  • Break down departmental silos to create organizational cohesion and alignment 

  • Discover new synergies and partnerships

  • Future-proof against change 

We work with values-driven organisations which have multiple “bottom-lines”, ranging from profit and growth to more intangible targets like staff and customer engagement, workplace culture or social impact. 

Participants don’t have to have any innovation experience; we bring the innovation tools and your team brings the industry expertise.  You don’t even have to believe that you’re creative.

Here are some of the kinds of work we do with organisations:


– We bring the tools to you

You’ve got a complex problem (or several) that needs an innovative solution. We help you to bring the right group of people together at the right time, and then facilitate a manageable problem-solving process, using a structured, organized and evidence-based approach that breaks the problem into parts and guides you every step of the way to the right solutions.


– We put the tools in your hands

You have specific challenges but you also want your organization to learn new skills to tackle problem-solving and build your capacity for innovation. We help you to understand yourselves as creative problem-solvers and to develop a shared language and process for innovation that you can use in your everyday work.


– We teach you to use the tools 

You want to build a culture of innovation across multiple departments or your whole organization. We can help you to develop a shared language and process, profile the thinking preference for your organization as a whole, break down the silos between departments, and develop sustainable processes and channels for ongoing innovation.

We know that organisational change can be daunting; we start at whatever scale is comfortable for you, and work at your speed to build momentum. And at every point, with us on board, innovation is something we do WITH you, not TO you.
All workshops are custom-designed to work for your industry, team culture and desired outcomes. We can work with you for a few hours…or a few years.


“Anna is a phenomenal facilitator. This is one of the most useful workshops I’ve ever done, especially since it gets to the heart of what we are doing everyday – working together to solve problems in creative ways.” 

Anonymous feedback, Team-building Workshop, Vancouver

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