Hands-On Innovtion Consultancy for artists

Many artists never have the opportunity to understand how their personal thinking style affects their process and how they can use that understanding to protect their creativity in the long-term. We design custom programs for “sustainable creativity” for those who work in the creative industries and arts and who rely on their creativity being “on tap”, whether they work in groups or alone.

  • Do you start projects but never finish them?

  • Do you struggle to decide which project to work on next?

  • Does perfectionism or analysis paralysis slow you down?

  • Do you get bored before you finish a project?

  • Are you frustrated that your ideas don’t seem to match your skills?

  • Do you have conflict with your collaborators?

  • Are you struggling with creative burn-out?

Our “Foursight for Artists” coaching program can help you. It brings together our expertise in the creative industries with the latest research into deliberate innovation from the corporate world. We start by profiling your thinking profile to understand your preferences in the creative thinking process, and use that as a springboard to understand creative obstacles like boredom, procrastination, burn-out and overwhelm, so that you can protect your creativity as a sustainable practice over the long-term. 


This program can be delivered in groups or as personalised coaching for individuals, and can be taken face-to-face or online from anywhere in the world. 


"Anna is passionate about art and creativity and she obviously has a lot of experience working through the creative process. She's great! At times, it challenged me emotionally and that was an unexpected bonus."

Anonymous feedback, “Protecting Your Creativity” program, Toronto.

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