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Anna Lidstone

Anna is an experienced innovation and creativity facilitator and coach with 15 years experience supporting organisations and individuals harness their creativity and problem-solving to create meaningful, positive change. 

She is experienced in a variety of different innovation methodologies, and has trained with some of the leading innovation experts in North America and the world. She is a 

certified FourSight facilitator, a certified Productive Thinking™ Facilitator, and a certified StrategicPlay facilitator using the tools and methodologies of LEGO® Serious Play®. 

Anna Lidstone, PhD

She also holds a first-class honours Arts degree from the University of Queensland, and a PhD from the University of Toronto in Canada, where she specialized in narrative and storytelling. 

Before becoming an Innovation Consultant, Anna held a number of roles on creative teams. As a professional writer and storyteller for 20 years, working as both an in-house writer and a freelancer, Anna has special expertise in organizational storytelling. She has worked in diverse creative teams for the profit, non-profit and educational sectors, and has collaborated with a range of creative professionals including graphic designers, digital stoytellers, performing artists, product designers, exhibit developers, fundraising specialists, and marketing and communication specialists, among others. Anna has also taught, lectured and presented on four continents. 

She has won a variety of awards for her thinking, creativity and writing, including a UQ University Medal for “Outstanding Scholarship”, a prestigious Connaught Fellowship at the University of Toronto, four Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards, and more than twenty individual and team awards from organizations such as the Council for Advancement and Support in Education  (including 5 Gold medals), the Direct Marketing Association (including being a finalist for the International Echo Awards), and the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) Prix D’Excellence Awards, among others.


She originally started doing creativity workshops for artists, focusing on such topics as “Protecting Your Creativity”, “How to Avoid Burn-Out” and “How to Fail Well” before branching out to deliberate innovation. 

She is English, Australian and Canadian and has the accent to prove it. She currently lives and works in Brisbane.

Anna sits on the board of Opti-Minds Inc, which runs the Opti-Minds Creative Sustainability Challenge, a creative problem-solving challenge for teams of participants from Preschool to Adult. 

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Caroline Rueckert, PhD

Caroline Rueckert is a senior leader in the educational sector and a certified FourSight Facilitator. She has many years of experience leading transformational change for large organisations, integrating innovation with cutting-edge business transformation processes, both in Australia and abroad. She is highly experienced in a wide range of innovation methodologies, “21st century thinking skills” and the rapidly changing landscape of the modern workforce. Caroline works closely with students, academics and professionals across a wide range of fields and industries, and has particular expertise in the research and applicability of coaching and partnership approaches to innovation. 
Caroline’s work with Hands-On is mostly behind-the-scenes, but, as an expert facilitator in her own right, she is our “plus one” when we need a co-facilitator or a new perspective.


We regularly partner with other professionals, and are always on the lookout for interesting and passionate colleagues to collaborate with. 


“I really appreciated the workshop. It challenged me and my team to communicate with each other in a playful but serious tone about our preferences. It was very well facilitated. [Anna] steered us purposefully through the process and used a variety of techniques to encourage us to explore the topic…Anna is a calm and expert facilitator. She holds her space in the room with expertise and poise.”

Kari Markham, Learning Specialist and Arts Educator, Vancouver

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