Putting the tools for innovation in your hands


According to the World Economic Forum, the top skills for workers in 2020 are complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. In other words, innovation skills.

Luckily, innovation skills can be learned by anyone. Innovation is a mindset and a set of tools, which can be fostered deliberately and intentionally.

Hands-On Innovation Consultancy puts the right tools in your hands so that you can take full advantage of the art and science of deliberate innovation. Our work is tailored, practical, hands-on, immersive and very effective. 

We work with values-driven organisations and individuals to solve complex problems, create meaningful change and foster sustainable, ‘future-proof” and innovative team cultures. 


We are based in Brisbane, Australia, but have an international reach.


  • Partner with you to harness your existing strengths. We bring the innovation tools and you bring the industry expertise. 

  • Use proven, scientific, evidence-based innovation tools that have helped some of the leading organisations and creative minds in the world.

  • Help you to solve the complex 21st century problems that matter to you most. 

  • Custom-design every interaction to suit YOUR team, YOUR needs and YOUR challenges.